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Health, OTC & Nutraceuticals

  • Searching for partnerships as part of a merger strategy by means of a joint venture
  • Coaching the directors and majority shareholders in a Health Group and providing support for the search, selection and recruitment of managers (Industry BU) and scientific experts
  • Helping to set up a Global BU and find a Director for an international pharmaceutical laboratory and a major player in the OTC market
  • Exclusive divestiture mandate for a food supplements laboratory
  • Working with the founding director of a family-run health group to search for his number two and a Head of Sales and Marketing.

Case study

  • Sector: Health
  • Client: OTC pharmaceuticals laboratory
  • Expertise: Business Linking
  • Context: How to boost Business Development and the in-licensing policy?
  • Action: Selection and presentation of targets, negotiation of R&D contracts, brand distribution for OTC products and or innovative active ingredients
  • Results: Signature of several in-licensing contracts within the given deadlines